Top casino games for newbies

By | October 15, 2014

There are hundreds of gaming option available with every online casino existed today, and with so many options it becomes even more difficult to make a final choice of games a newbie would like to play. In fact, every game claims to offer unparalleled fun despite its strategic playing approach; hence a player, especially one who is about to join the online casino industry, needs to make a fine choice of games to stand equal chances to win out of them. Casino games are broadly classified under two categories: one is chance based games and second one is skilled based games. Both of these categories have their set players base, however, new players are often biased towards chance based games and only after getting adequate experience in these games, they try to move onto skill based games. This is generally an advisable approach also, still new players often get confused about which chance based casino games would pay better or if new players are playing widespread games or not. There are some ever classic games which are chance based and enjoy the biggest share of casino revenues and here are three of them to help your selection even better.


This is perhaps the all-time favorite casino game both in terms of luck and skills required to win something out of it. Basically, Craps is a dice rolling game where several players impart in one single session; it is rather like a community game where many players share the stage and enjoy the thrill. Moreover, dice is most familiar thing to everyone; hence every newbie can learn the game with ease. Further, there are not many twists and turns with this game which makes it even more luring for newbies.


Slot is perhaps the biggest known casino game which has the biggest players’ base around the world. The reason for its extensive popularity is its highly entertaining gameplay and lots of prizes. In fact, many players have made their fortune with just one good bet on progressive slots, hence this is the most favorite casino game for newbies where they not only get the specific promotional bonuses but also the extensive list of variants.


Whenever we think of casino, picture of a roulette table comes to our mind where a spinning wheel is curiously watched by players surrounded by chips along with their winnable multipliers. This is also the simplest game to play and win a life changing amount. So, if you are the one who wants to make good money without having any past experience about casino games, try above three games and then move to other gaming options.