Money Management in Craps

By | December 13, 2011


Here’s an issue that you’ll find in every casino game bankroll management. As is common with all online casinos games, your money is basically the only thing that you have complete control in. In craps, the dice can be left up to fate, but it’s still you that is putting money into that dice roll. You can’t control how much money you can win but you can definitely control how much money you’ll lose – and that, basically, is the essence of bankroll management.


Keep a level head

Craps is a high octane game with lots of excitement. There’s a lot of shouting, laughing, and simply just a lot of merrymaking in a typical craps table. There’s a chance of seeing that one suave guy who has this hot blond blowing on the dice for good luck, there’s the chance of meeting that heckler who throws light insults at dice throwers whose throws do not go his way, and there could possibly that girl that you want to impress by placing a rather difficult and big bet. Well, all that can get to your head quickly. If you let it, you could lose all your money in a matter minutes. That’s why, when you play the game, always strive to keep a level head. Try not to drink alcohol if you’re after a profit. Also, bring only what you can afford to lose to an online casinos – nothing more. When you start to feel that you’re making bad decisions and letting yourself run amok, just stop.


Recognize a profit when you see it

Now here’s a rather deceiving thing about craps. Some people think that just by playing a casino game, they can get lucky enough to double the money they came to the online casinos with. It’s certainly possible, but it’s also highly improbable. In craps, you’re lucky to have a 10% profit, especially a 20% one. It’s difficult to get to 50%, let alone 100%. Know your limits. When you find yourself on a winning streak, be smart enough to quit while you’re ahead. Also, when you find yourself losing more than usual, quit before you get frustrated. Don’t chase losses because it will only make you more frustrated and more prone to making awful decisions.

When all is said and done, bankroll management is really very simple: don’t gamble it if you can’t afford to lose it. Simple keep that rule in mind and you should be okay.